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Choosing the right telephony solution is vital for any business, this being a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) or On-Premise system, the main difference between the two systems is that a VoIP solution is hosted in the cloud which saves you money on having to buy hardware and maintenance, however when the systems start to become larger then the On-Premise solution then starts to be more cost-effective, rest assured though as having a dedicated account manager which will present the options for both allowing you to make a decision.

What is Hosted PBX?

A hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange) is a private phone system within a business that enables your users to receive, make and manage calls easily. It uses your internet connection which makes it a very cost-efficient solution. There is no initial investment needed as you do not need to acquire the hardware, everything is in the cloud. Your phones will be plugged to the router and you will be charged a flat monthly fee. Easy to scale up and down, it will offer flexibility and simplicity.

What is On-Premise PBX?

An on-premise PBX is a phone system that resides within the company premises. It requires an on-site installation of the PBX hardware. It’s the ideal solution for companies that have the structure required to host their own phone system. You will have more control over your phone system as the data is in your hands. 

hosted & on premise pbx

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Advantages of Hosted PBX

- Flexibility: can be scaled up and down
- Easy to set up and manage: you can add new extensions, numbers, users with ease
- Mobility: can be accessed from anywhere
- No initial costs, flat monthly fee charged
on premise phone system

Advantages of On-Premise PBX

- Long-term savings with ownership
- Greater control
- You own your data and settings
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